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M13 Great Globular in Hercules

Fotograf: Wolfgang Kloehr

Messier 13 (M13, NGC 6205), also called the 'Great globular cluster in Hercules', is one of the most prominent and best known globulars of the Northern celestial hemisphere
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M16 The Eagle Nebula

The Eagle Nebula Messier 16 (M16) is a conspicuous region of active star formation, situated in Serpens Cauda. The starforming nebula, a giant cloud of interstellar gas and dust, has already created a considerable cluster of young stars. The cluster is also referred to as NGC 6611, the nebula as IC... » weiter

NGC2146 Peculiar Spiral Galaxy

NGC2146 is a peculiar spiral galaxy, type Sab(pec), in the constellation Camelopardalis » weiter

Messier 83 Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

Messier 83 (M83, NGC 5236) is one of the most conspicuous spiral galaxies in the sky. Situated in constellation Hydra, it is the southernmost galaxy in Messier's catalog » weiter

Messier 82 The Cigar galaxy

Messier 82 (M82, NGC 3034) is a remarkable galaxy of peculiar type in constellation Ursa Major. It is usually classified as irregular, though probably a distorted disk galaxy, and famous for its heavy star-forming activity, thus a prototype member of the class of starbursting galaxies. » weiter

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